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crying over haleb, quick and stydia

My father told me that kids wear suits to kindergarten and that blue chip stocks were great for birthday gifts. I was told what I wanted to believe.

I love Glee Club. I love you girls. And when we’re 27, or 87, I want us to be able to look back on these next couple of months and talk about how it was the best time of our lives.

I want the same world as you do. The better one. And the only way to build it, is together. We do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other, as equals. This is not a coronation for a King. It’s for a King and Queen.

"We should get out of here before David decides to give you his overprotective dad speech.

What makes any high school special? This is where it all happened for the first time. The heartache and the happiness. All of it. Being in this hallway… feels like it was yesterday. I wake up sometimes and I miss it. But this is good. It’s all still right here


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 unfogging-the-future asked: harry potter or hermione granger

get to know me meme: [4/10] actors/actresses
angelina jolie - ”Love one person, take care of them until you die. You know, raise kids. Have a good life. Be a good friend. And try to be completely who you are. And figure out what you personally love. And like go after it with everything you’ve got no matter how much it takes.”